2013 Queen of Crabs is SUNNY SIGHED

Sunny Sighed as "Eggman" 2013 Baltimore Beauty Pageant

Sunny Sighed as “Eggman” 2013 Baltimore Beauty Pageant

Oh my goodness!  What a thrill it has been to share the stage with so much of Baltimore’s beauty!  Ruby Rockafella, Lady Miz Scarlett, Kay SeraValeria Voxx, it is an honor to know and love you all.  Thanks to Trixie Little and Mr. Gorgeous for creating this forum to highlight all the beauty we find in Baltimore everyday, and to the Ottobar where it so often comes out to shine and to Broadway Brassy for serenading me so sweetly and to the first ever Queen of Crabs, Krystal Dangsheskanky for your sexy dancing and for being such an inspirational role-model.  Thanks to the judges (Joe Meduza, Karin Tiffany and Nikki Verdecchia), I can’t imagine how you could possibly choose between us, but I am sincerely honored and flattered to be your 2013 Queen of Crabs!  Last but not least, of course, thank you Baltimore for all your characteristically kinky crevices, naked nerdy nooks, sultry slutty slits, your Watery Johns, and Divine dirty delights!

Enjoy more photos thanks to CityPaper‘s Sarah Thrower at http://t.co/Yv39RAdmNQ


Kay Sera, Me, Valeria Voxx, Lady Miz Scarlett, Ruby Rockafella

Sunny Sighed, 2013 Queen of Crabs

Sunny Sighed, 2013 Queen of Crabs

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