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Herein we present a list of acts which are currently in our repertoire and available for booking.  If you would like more information, please request a specific act title or titles via  If you see a video on this page, you can probably find a larger, prettier version at

A very classy setting of the classic Eine Kleine Nachtmuzik with added lyrics of which we think W. A. Mozart would approve.
LionTamerKnees-HighRes-byToddG Lion Tamer - from “The Magic Show” by Stephen Schwartz.
ICanCookToo-HighRes-byToddG I Can Cook Too - Chef Sunny sings of her culinary prowess in this fast paced, upbeat number by Leonard Bernstein, from the musical “On the Town“.
Back on Base – Sunny and Bal’d’s arrangement of “Back on Base” from “Closer Than Ever” by Richard Maltby, Jr. and David Shire.
Sunny Sighed - MarlborosMarlboros – A cautionary tale of addiction.
Sunny_Sighed_Sophisticated_Lady-by_Hennpict-MidResSophisticated Lady – Sunny’s rendition of the vocal version of Duke Ellington‘s classic, made famous by Billie Holiday.
Sunny_Sighed_Bald_Lightning-Little_Lamb1-LowResLittle Lamb – Originally a scene from Sticky Buns Burlesque’s “Bra and Garter” show (Spring 2012).  As Sunny reenacts a formative moment from her younger years, this act certainly heats up a room!  Its a song from “Gypsy” with music by Jule Styne and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim.
FeedMyFrankenstein-HighRes-byToddG Feed My Frankenstein - Sunny has created an accompanist from spare parts…and he’s hungry.  This act involves some marshmallows and audience interaction set to a jazzy waltz version of Alice Cooper‘s “Feed My Frankenstein”.
Let’s Put the X Back in Christmas - A fun and sexy Christmas card to our fans!  Song by Pinkard & Bowden.
Sunny_Sighed_Bald_Lightning-Owls_Are_Not_Like_A_Prayer-LowResThe Owls Are Not Like A Prayer – Specifically composed for fans of David Lynch, this piece is an homage to Twin Peaks.  Bal’d performs Madonna’s “Like A Prayer” as The Giant while Sunny strips to reveal her true identity.
Marching Sunny and Bal'd - Happy TogetherHappy Together - Sunny and Bal’d are lost marching band members who meet center stage and perform a dancing French horn duet of “Happy Together” by the Turtles.

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