Stay Classy, Baltimore

Bawdy Shop Burlesque’s February 21st extravaganza at Ottobar!  Yes, it’s really called “Stay Classy, Baltimore!”  With SPECIAL GUEST Foxy Tann, in her ONLY area appearance. “The Boss of Burlesque and Her Highness of Highness,” Foxy has shocked and delighted audiences across the country with that certain brand of broad that’s hard to forget.

Our emcee is transgendered comic extraordinaire and the 2015 Queen of Crabs herself, Violet Gray!

And, of course, we’ll feature the always new and mostly nude antics of Bawdy Shop Burlesque’s Sunny Sighed, Kay Sera and Ruby Rockafella! Our stage panther Giddy GoGo will be there to try to pick up the pieces—possibly in a HazMat suit–because this burlesque show is gettin’ downright dirty! 

Sunny’s new troupe: BawdyShop Burlesque!

Say hello to your new best friends in Baltimore burlesque: BawdyShop!BSB

The Ladies of the BawdyShop! This is Bal’d’s favorite view… you’re welcome, webverts!

The very best of Baltimore come together to bring you incredible shows like you’ve never seen before.

Featuring founding members:

Giddy GoGo@GiddyGoGo

Cherie Nuit @CherieNuit

Ruby Rockafella - @RubyRockafella

Kay Sera - @KaySeraBurlyQ

Sunny Sighed – @SunnySighed


About Us

Sunny Sighed and Bal’d Lightning are a tantalizing and titillating musical duo. Sunny sings AND strips, with live accompaniment and interaction from the tall glass of HOT that is BL. A unique and sexy experience you won’t want to miss!